Keeping your bike in good shape is as important as keeping yourself in good shape. Whether your bike needs a tune up, some help after an accident, or some parts swapped out for after-market upgrades, Bikesmiths is up to the task.

Tune Up
A basic tune up includes the labor to inspect, replace, and/or adjust brake and gear cables and brake pads as needed. Derailleurs will also be adjusted for smooth shifting. Wheels will be trued, the chain will be cleaned and lubricated, tires will be aired up, and the bicycle will be taken for a test ride. Minor bearing adjustments will also be made.

Single Speed $27.00
Geared Bike $47.00

Basic Repairs/Installations/Services
(The following list is by no means comprehensive. Feel free to call, email or stop in with any questions)

Box a bike for shipping $36.00

Chain -install and adjust $10.00
-clean and lube $4.50

Fenders -front or rear $13.50
-both $24.00

Tires/Tubes -install front or rear, in frame $9.00
-out of frame $7.00
-install tubular tire front or rear, each $20.00

Wheels -true, each $13.50
-replace broke spoke, add to trueing rate $2.00
-if necessary to remove free wheel or cassette, add $4.50

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